Environmental modelling theme,replica belts

October 24, 2009 "beauty pageant" Hermes belt China international fashion week makeup modelling design contest Beijing division. Wonderful Beijing as the development of creative industry Hermes belt distribution model, attracting talents from all over the country with the modelling of fashion spokesperson, the China fashion week in Beijing 798 art zone exhibit their artistic talent and environmental Zegna mens belt.

This event with the return of the theme, emphasize the modelling design originality and modelling of environmental protection consciousness of environmental Gucci Replica Belt protection, aims to model with environmental protection concept,Replica Louis Vuitton Belts, artistic expression with vogue spread environmental lifestyle, environmental protection commonweal social value creation, the model Armani mens belt.

Compared with the concept of colour caexpo theme, the environmental theme has attracted a lot of fashionable circle the senior modelling division and creation, Dior mens belt even all the players in a prize. Modelling, said that players can reflect the theme of social life,replica belts, let us not only realize modelling work is a fashionable skill, also can affect people's life and values of the fashion art,replica armani belts, Dolcegabbana mens belt and we are willing to participate! The games, both focuses on global warming, green ecological environmental protection concept for the creation of works, also have to waste paper, plastic Versace mens belt etc. Of works, Facing these so, the modelling with beauty, let a person feel fashionable beauty but not consciously with the power to environmental protection.But with the beautiful beautiful appearance, star players Ferragamo belt buckle, but also have talent of environmental initiatives. They have tried to protect a vegetarian, advocate the plant, sparing the declaration, expect to become truly inside and outside all Fendi belt buckle.

The beauty contest special co-sponsor media Bea 's up ultra-fashionable editor-and-chief, XueJian, famous modelling division, Tony, famous state-level makeup judge all attend events and advertisement producers. After nearly three hours Bally mens belt, Shanghai, the ZhangChaoYi YangGang two modelling division and from Beijing dance academy of hazael, Singapore's literary from her beauty and high shanshan's "joy" bee HuChen winners of online Burberry mens belt selection beautiful star won six of Beijing. The best co-host He (she) will join the promotion in the late November 6, in Beijing hotel banquet held in 2010 in the grand ceremony of the China fashion week Prada mens belt, and from Seoul international conference and other domestic division winners passionate collision, beautiful together! For participation in November 7 to 11 beauty pageant Gucci belts mens and the world's top photographer, kadeya global royal photographer Gilles Marie Zimmermann, famous fashion designer BoTao makeup modelling division, the famous MaYu, fashion, the host Hermes Replica Belts for men on sale environment protection foundation clean development fund to present j, angel image and make the return of the theme fashion.

Environmental Beauty pageant, 2009, with color depicts environmental fake gucci belts uk, with fashionable advocate public! For air emission, climate change to the fashion. Song hye-kyo was aeration and XuanBin break up. Beijing on March 31 dec Korean song hye kyo and Gucci belts XuanBin dating 8 months, but to sprint career didn't meet four months. South Korea professionals: "they kept it become weak, feeling already." Gucci mens belt. Song hye-kyo yesterday decided on April 10, the publicity they promise to Taiwan for the world.

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